Who is the Best Swimming Pool Builder in Greenwood, Shelbyville and Franklin, Indiana? (Reviews/Ratings)

There are just a ton of inground pools in Greenwood, Shelbyville and Franklin, Indiana.  We should know.  This is our home turf.  We build lots of inground pools in this area every year and we are always studying the market.


Despite the fact that we at Perma Pools install fiberglass and vinyl liner inground pools in Greenwood, Shelbyville and Franklin, Indiana each year, our customers do sometimes want to know who are the other local swimming pool companies in the area to choose from.  So with our continued transparency here at Perma Pools, here is what we found out about the market and here are some of the Indiana pool builders that operate in Greenwood, Shelbyville, and Franklin, Indiana to consider:

1. Angies Pools is located in Greenwood, Indiana and installs vinyl liner pools.

2. Pool City is located in Greenwood, Indiana and installs vinyl liner and fiberglass pools. 

3. Perma Pools is located 2 miles south of 465 towards Greenwood

 and builds both vinyl liner and fiberglass pools.

4. Pools of Fun is located in Plainfield, Indiana and builds both fiberglass and vinyl liner pools.

5. Elegant Pools is located in Greenwood, Indiana and builds vinyl liner pools.

So these are a few of the Indiana inground pool companies you might consider if you live in Greenwood, Franklin or Shelbyville, Indiana or anywhere in Johnson or Shelby Counties, Indiana.  Most of these Indiana inground pool companies have an established history but no effort is being made here to rate them, and this list is not intended to be exhaustive but is intended to be helpful.

Of course, if you live in this area, and are looking to get a quote for your swimming pool, we here at Perma Pools would be excited to talk to you and tell you what we have to offer.

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