Introduction to Inground Pools: Types and Benefits – A Perma Pools Perspective

Nestled in the heart of Indiana, Perma Pools has been a beacon of excellence in the inground pool industry for over 37 years. Specializing in both fiberglass and vinyl liner pools, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to experts for anyone looking to enhance their home with a beautiful, long-lasting pool. This article aims to dive into the world of inground pools, shedding light on the types and benefits, with a special focus on our offerings.

Fiberglass Pools: The Speedy, Sleek Option

Fiberglass pools, popular for their quick installation and sleek design, are a favorite among our clients in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. We proudly supply pools from Latham, a leading brand known for its quality and durability. Our fiberglass pools typically run up to 16 feet in width and 40 feet in length, catering to a variety of backyard sizes and styles.

Why Choose Fiberglass?

  • Quick Installation: Unlike other pool types, fiberglass pools are pre-made and can be installed swiftly, ensuring you can enjoy your pool sooner.
  • Low Maintenance: Fiberglass is non-porous, which means less cleaning, fewer chemicals, and more time for you to enjoy your pool.
  • Durability: Resistant to algae and less prone to requiring repairs, fiberglass pools are a long-lasting investment.

Vinyl Liner Pools: Customizable and Budget-Friendly

For those seeking a more budget-conscious option without compromising on quality, our vinyl liner pools are the ideal choice. Their high customizability allows us to create a pool that fits your specific space and style. Whether you’re looking for a unique shape or a particular depth, vinyl liner pools can be tailored to meet your needs.

Benefits of Vinyl Liner Pools:

  • Cost-Effective: Vinyl liner pools are generally more affordable than other types, making them a great option for families.
  • Customizable Shapes and Sizes: With vinyl liners, you’re not limited to pre-set shapes and sizes. Dream big, and we can build it with a tailored experience.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Choose from a wide range of liner patterns and colors to match your personal style and home aesthetics.

Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle

At Perma Pools, we understand that each customer’s needs and preferences are unique. That’s why we offer a wide variety of options, all detailed on our website, to ensure your pool is not just a feature of your home but a reflection of your lifestyle. Our expert team works closely with you to understand your vision, providing guidance and insights to make it a reality.

Why Inground Pools?

Inground pools are more than just a luxury; they’re a lifestyle enhancement. They provide a private oasis for family and friends to gather, exercise, or simply relax. Especially in the climate of Indianapolis, where summers are cherished, an inground pool becomes a focal point of outdoor living.

Perma Pools: Your Partner in Pool Installation

Choosing Perma Pools means choosing over three decades of expertise and a commitment to quality. With more than 150 5-star reviews, our dedication to excellence in service and craftsmanship is evident. We believe in building not just pools, but lasting relationships with our clients.

In conclusion, whether you’re leaning towards the sleekness and ease of a fiberglass pool or the affordability and customization of a vinyl liner pool, Perma Pools has the expertise and options to bring your dream to life. Explore our website to see our range of choices or contact us today to start your journey to owning the perfect inground pool.

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Ready to build a fiberglass pool in central Indiana? Perma Pools is here to help! Fiberglass pools are quick to install and typically run up to 16 feet wide and 40 feet long.

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Perma Pools is ready to help you save money on your brand new pool! Our vinyl liner pools are a great budget-friendly option and are highly customizable.

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Our certified pool technicians are ready to bring your pool to life! We work year-round to service your pool and keep it well maintained for years of fun!


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