Building A Fiberglass Inground Pool In Central Indiana?

Let's Get Started: Building A Latham Fiberglass Inground Pool

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In addition, this site contains the Perma Educational Blog, which contains forthright articles on fiberglass inground pool prices, whether a pool is the right thing for you, choosing a pool, choosing options, pool buying questions, how the construction process works, 6 reasons to buy a fiberglass pool and other extremely relevant topics.

This information is exclusive to building an inground pool in Central Indiana.

So What Is Perma Pools' Relationship With Latham?

We are the largest fiberglass inground pool builder in Indianapolis and all of Indiana.  We have been Lathams Pools' exclusive Central Indiana dealer since 1998.  Over the years we have become partial to Lathams quality, variety, versatility and aesthetics.  Since the recession, we are also excited to be a part of Latham Pools because of their financial stability.  As a part of Latham International, Latham Pools had access to capital during the recession and used this capital to increase its market share and become the U.S.'s dominant supplier of fiberglass inground pools under its various brands. Latham is the largest designer, manufacturer, and marketer of inground residential swimming pools in North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Transforming Spaces: From Green Lawns to Blue Waters

Witness the remarkable transformation of a simple grass backyard into a serene aquatic oasis. Our before and after gallery showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design that goes into each fiberglass pool project. Dive into a visual journey that begins with the untouched potential of a green lawn and concludes with the elegance and tranquility of a fully installed pool. Let these transformations inspire you to envision the endless possibilities for your own backyard.

financing options

We want to make your inground pool fantasy a reality! Our team of experts is ready to design and build your own getaway experience, right outside your door. Our affordable financing options are here to help!

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fiberglass pools

Ready to build a fiberglass pool in central Indiana? Perma Pools is here to help! Fiberglass pools are quick to install and typically run up to 16 feet wide and 40 feet long.

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vinyl liner pools

Perma Pools is ready to help you save money on your brand new pool! Our vinyl liner pools are a great budget-friendly option and are highly customizable.

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Pool services

Our certified pool technicians are ready to bring your pool to life! We work year-round to service your pool and keep it well maintained for years of fun!


Automatic Pool Covers

Perma Cover Services offers sales and installation of fully automatic deck mounted and recessed retro automatic pool cover systems.

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We want to make your inground pool fantasy a reality! Our team of experts is ready to design and build out a breathtaking getaway right outside your door. Fill out our form or give us a call.


Ready to get started?

Take a moment to read the Pool Buyers Guide. The complete handbook with information on pool costs, choices, and key construction points in Indiana.