Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Features

Our Vinyl Liner Inground Pool Features

Our vinyl liner inground pool building process is highly custom. This means we can build most any shape, design or size. There are some fairly standard designs which include rectangles, romans, grecians, lagoon, mountain lake, and plunge pools. All of these designs can be customized with a variety of step types, benches and ledges, including sun ledges. Whatever inground pool we build for you, our pool packages generally includes the following items as standard.

  • Imperial Pools' exclusive galvanized steel zinc-coated pools walls with A-frame bracing and triple bend design. (200% more zinc than commercial grades)
  • Imperial Pools' Limited lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum white or gray sandstone textured coping. COMPARE COPINGS
  • Hardware for assembling panels.
  • Complete filter assembly - including large 320 or 200 SF cartridge filter, pump and motor.
  • Plumbing and fittings to hook up filter system.
  • Automatic in-wall skimmer(s).
  • Double anti vortex main drain assembly.
  • In wall ladder with grab rails and anchor sockets and escutcheons (two (2) ladders if there are no walk-in stairs with pool).
  • Upgrade water silver based purification system. Extremely low chlorine system - live long and prosper!
  • Discharge hose for filter.
  • Starter chemical pack.
  • Water Chemical test strips.
  • Maintenance kit - including vacuum hose, vacuum head, curved wall brush, telescoping pole, and hand leaf skimmer.
  • Pool Blaster, a self-contained, battery powered pool cleaning device to save you time
  • Safety line with floats, rope hooks, and wall eyebolts.
  • Full Gravel backfill.  WARNING! A couple of builders in central Indiana backfilled with dirt last year! 
  • Three feet (3') concrete deck around pool
  • Concrete footer to anchor the steel walls
  • Vinyl covered steel walk-in stairs with foam pad - as included as standard equipment in the pool manufacturer's accessory package.
  • Stainless steel handrail with anchor sockets and escutcheons
  • Custom-made premium vinyl liner with 5-year labor/material warranty then 15/20-year prorated warranty. A real liner warranty (most liner warranties do not cover any labor) 
  • Electrical allowance- $2,500
  • Permit allowance-$400 Note- most jurisdictions have permit costs of about $400.  Carmel and Zionsville have costs of about $700 -900.  Marion County is unique in that up to 5 permits are required at a cost of about $1,100.
  • Full fill of water by truck
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