Pump, filter, sanitizer, and light

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Pentair Pumps

Enhance your pool experience with Pentair's high-performance pumps, renowned for their reliability and efficiency. Pentair pumps are designed to cater to various pool sizes and types, ensuring optimal water circulation and filtration. These pumps are not only energy-efficient but also operate with minimal noise, making them a perfect addition to your tranquil pool environment. For detailed information on how Pentair pumps can revolutionize your pool maintenance, click here to learn more.

Pentair Filters

Our inground pools come standard with either a 24" sand filter or an appropriately sized cartridge filter.  Most of our customers end up with a cartridge filter because of ease of operation and the fact that they are capable of superior filtration.  For more information, check out these filters here. 

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A pool requires a sanitation system to kill bacteria. Your Perma Pool comes standard with a recommended and upgraded silver-based sanitation system. Our standard system combines mineral sanitation with a small amount of chlorine to provide an economic kill of bacteria while providing enhanced water quality by utilizing less chlorine. Where additional water purification is desired, we offer an array of additional   sanitation systems, including the FROG Leap Twin®

Salt Chlorine Generator System

This system mostly eliminates the need for regularly adding or handling chlorine (except you still must regularly shock your pool with a chlorine or non-chlorine shock).  Many people like the smooth feel of the water that results from the addition of salt to the water.  This system generates chlorine out of the sodium chloride (salt) that you mix into the pool.  The chlorine is generated through electronic chemical conversion of salt and the chlorine output is adjusted with a digital dial. (NOTE - these systems provide convenience and some possible cost savings in larger pools, but they do not eliminate, or even reduce, the chlorine level needed for your inground pool. Also, note that salt may be corrosive to the metal parts of your pool such as your auto cover.)

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Color and White LED Pool Lights

Enhance your pool with the ultimate lighting solution. These Color and White LED Lights by Pentair offer outstanding brightness, even illumination, and stunning colors. Ideal for new pool and spa designs, their compact design allows for versatile placement options, enabling dynamic lighting in previously unimaginable locations. Unleash your creativity and illuminate your pool area like never before!