What is the Cost of a Swimming Pool Deck In Indianapolis?; Options

Indianapolis swimming pool builders construct their pool decks out of a variety of materials that vary greatly in cost.  So what kind of pool patio is best for you?  Regular gray concrete?  Stamped concrete?indianapolis swimming pool companies, pool deck  Concrete pavers?  Stone pavers?  Assuming a 1,000 SF pool patio, you could pay as little as $5,000 or as much as $34,000 depending on your selections. 

Here are some thoughts to help you choose what is best for you. 

Regular Concrete; Benefits and Cost.  This kind of concrete is the least costly and is the least maintenance as it does not have to be resealed periodically (although some people do seal regularly).  It looks great. And it is always important to get the quantity of pool decking you need.   If the choice is 1) getting regular gray and the quantity you need or 2) getting upgrade concrete and compromising on quantity, I would choose No. 1.  I want to be comfortable and to have the furniture I want fit right. Besides, you can get a lot of color in landscaping and pool furniture; your concrete is not the only opportunity.  Also, that regular gray can be upgraded in a few years with a textured overlay (see below).  Caution, all concrete can crack.  Expect to pay about $5-6.50/SF for regular gray. 

Exposed Aggregate / Sand Matrix; Benefits and Cost.  This concrete has a rock surface that is exposed and then isIndianapolis inground pool deck colored by a clear brown sealer.  The sand matrix just has a finer rock exposed and is kinder to the feet.  The surface is a bit dark and can be a bit hot.  It needs to be resealed annually for about $.50/SF to keep its color looking right or the homeowner can reseal it themselves (but use a good sealer or you will have a mess). Expect to pay about $6.50-8.50/SF. 

Stamped Concrete; Benefits and Cost.  In the right hands, this concrete is a work of art.  There are endless colors and patterns.  This concrete gives a true stone appearance.  Some say it is too slippery but that depends on the pattern and sealer used (there are non skid sealers and patterns that are not slippery at all).  This concrete needs to be resealed about every other year.  Expect to pay about $9-15/SF.

Textured Overlay; Benefits and Cost.  This process requires an existing concrete patio.  It is sometimes used to
upgrade old concrete and it is sometimes used from the get go.  It comes in endless patternsindianapolis inground pool deck and colors.  This overlay has about 1/8” of  texture which allows for a lot of possibilities. To the right is a picture of a textured overlay border with the rest of the deck in regular concrete.  Note that nice furniture adds a lot of color and design. Expect to pay about $3-7/SF in addition to the cost of the concrete underneath.   Check here for more info.

Concrete Pavers; Benefits and Cost.  This is a very different look and is  more costly than concrete.   There are a wide variety of pavers available.  These pavers can be installed with a concrete underlay or a compacted rock underlay with concrete being more expensive and the crushed rock being more common.    A reputable installer can provide an extremely low maintenance patio.  Imagine, no periodic sealing and no concrete cracking. The downside is that these pavers can settle over tme due to bad drainage or the underlay settling for other reasons.   Expect to pay about $15-25/SF with a crushed rock underlay.  Check here for more info. 

Travertine Pavers; Benefits and Cost  Travertines are made of natural stone and they are gorgeous.  Usually, a tumbled look is used for a pool deck.  The underlay is concrete, notindianapolis swimming pool companies, pool deck crushed rock as these pavers are thinner than concrete pavers and need a more stable underlay.  The pavers come in different sizes and can be assembled in patterns limited only by the installer’s imagination.  As for maintenance, they need to be sealed annually.  Expect to pay about $24-34/SF for your pool deck, including a concrete underlay.  Check here for more info.

The final costs of your swimming pool patio will also depend on other factors including difficulty, prep work needed, materials and patterns, access, expertise of the installer and other items. Perma Pools includes some starter gray concrete in their base packages (e.g. see pool features); however, this is usually added to, or credited off the price, depending on who is going to build the deck. 

There are more options such as other stones or mixing the options above (e.g. a mix of pavers and concrete).

So there are lots of different deck materials used by Indianapolis swimming pool builders and generally there is something for everyone!    

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