Heck, Do I Even Want a Swimming Pool?

Some buyers were sure from the beginning but others have struggled with the pool buying decision right until they signed.  There is a difference between deciding on whether you want a pool and deciding on which pool do you want.  This article explores the first question.  Here are some struggles that others have had in deciding whether they wanted a pool and the key decisions they had to make.

The Unknown.  How can you decide such a question until you have basic information as to costs of acquisition and maintenance?  The short answer is you probably can’t.  But the mystery answers to cost and maintenance are easily answered by reading our blogs on Pool Costs and Costs of Maintenance


A 10 minute time investment in reading these articles will help you know what you are getting into and may save you a lot of conversation.  Your time is valuable.  There is no need to commit to an in home 1-2 hour sales appointment when you don’t have a clue what it cost and feel that you may well be wasting your time.  These blogs will get you in the ballpark on cost and now you can decide if you want to take the next step and commit more time to the process.  Read on. 

Priorities.  I have found that a pool purchase can cause buyers to examine what is really important in their lives.  First, a buyer needs to decide if they have the discretionary funds to buy a pool.  Second, however, there are always competing priorities for those funds including retirement, college educations, and other big purchases.  Are other more important priorities covered?  Third, even if you decide that you have room in your budget for a large discretionary purchase such as a pool, there are lots of ways to spend those funds including boats, vacations and vacation homes, Harley Davidsons, and … you get it…….  

  Key-    decide if your greater priorities are reasonably funded and if         you have sufficient discretionary funds;  decide if your discretionary funds will best be spent on a pool (more on this later)                 

 Commitment to ones personal situation.  I had one situation about 5 years back where there was a lot going on behind the scenes.  I had met twice at Fred and Kristine’s house and was pretty discouraged.  Fred was balking while Kristine seemed all in on building the pool.  I had spent a lot of time with them.  Fred appeared to be very concerned with the cost.  By this time, I had had a lot of conversations with Fred and was developing a pretty good relationship.  I asked Fred why, since he had know the cost from the beginning, he was still pursuing a pool but yet balking at spending the money.  And I was dumbfounded what he told me.  He told me that while the pool was a big expense, it was not the money.  It was the commitment.  He didn’t want to commit to a pool unless he was sure of his commitment to his wife.  In the end, Fred recommitted to his wife and bought the pool. 

This same issue of commitment to ones personal situation comes out more commonly with regards to whether a buyer intends to stay in their house for the foreseeable future (who wants to spend a bucket of dough on a pool and then move the following year?). 

Key-    before you spend a lot of time investigating the pool decision, make sure you have a long term commitment to your personal situation in your house 

            Weighing the benefits and burdens of a pool.    Properly utilized, a pool is a great tool to surround yourself with family and friends. It can be magnet for relaxation.  I sold a pool to one couple who could not meet with me until after 8 pm in the evening because of their work. We probably had 4-5 8 pm meetings.  They bought a pool as a rallying point to take life less seriously and relax.  Guess what?  I think it’s worked! 

Here are some key benefits. A pool entertains the kids and can make your house the focus of the kids’ gatherings, allowing more supervision and more interaction with your kids.  Likewise, what better way to entertain the grandkids?  Exercise, cooling down and using the pool as a visual focal point are sizeable benefits also. Oh but the burdens!!!  The cost and the maintenance and the time!

 pool cleaning 

The cost is easily identifiable and you will just have to decide if it’s worth it.  The maintenance burdens can be severely lessened with the right equipment selections and can be almost completely eliminated with weekly service from your pool company!  Your pool sales person can more fully describe what your time commitment would be based on your decisions on equipment and weekly service. 

                                      Key-    Identify the benefits you want to harvest and intentionally go for them!  Work with your pool professional from the beginning to reduce the time needed for maintenance 

Comments or questions?  Are you struggling with one of these issues?

Site References- If we didn’t scare you off, Let’s Get Started!  This link will guide you to an index of key educational articles from Perma Pools to make you a buying pro!

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