Fiberglass Pools In Indiana: Top 6 Reasons To Buy

My Indianapolis pool company was founded in 1987 solely to build fiberglass pools.   We built no other type of pool until we started building vinyl liner pools in 2005 (and that’s another story).  I LOVE FIBERGLASS POOLS!  

I have a Latham Fiberglass Pool, 16′ x 40′ Gulf Coast in my back yard that I built in 1999.  My 3 kids grew up in this inground pool.  It still looks great.  I did some updates last year–took out the diving board to thwart my athletic son and his friends, updated the concrete by installing a textured overlay, and put on one of Coverstar’s cool new flat lids for my auto cover.  My crystite pool surface looks great 14 years later.  Come see it for yourself in Fishers.  Here’s a picture to the right from 1999, before the updates:

The reasons that I built a fiberglass pool for myself 14 years ago remain valid today, and some reasons even resonate more true.  Here are the Top 6.

1. Fiberglass Pool Aesthetics-  There are just a host of cool designs and colors. These pools have character! They come standard with a concrete coping.  Sure, there are rectangles available for those so inclined but Latham’s world class designers have let their imagination go wild and the designs now seem almost endless.  These are not the white bathtubs of yesterday; the best fiberglass pools are quite cutting edge.  The colors are georgeous, especially Latham’s crystite colors! And yes, automatic covers look fine on them; although, your builder needs to have some imagination to hide the tracks on non rectangle pools (But do we all want rectangles, or do we want a little pizzaz in our pool shapes!?)

2. Low Maintenance-   This is usually the main reason that people want a fiberglass pool.  The surface of the pool does not decay like other types of pools and the smooth non porous finish makes cleaning a breeze.  Unlike concrete pools, algae does not adhere to them.  These pools retain heat well and do not eat up extra chlorine like concrete pools.  …….whoa…..

3. Durability of Fiberglass In Ground Pools- Fiberglass pools have extremely long term structural warranties and Latham now has a 20 year finish warranty that is second to none! Do they crack and pop out of the ground?  These are “disturbing thoughts” created by the unknowing! Built right and properly maintained, these pools provide an enduring long term and relatively trouble free experience.  

4. Benches, Ledges and Creative Stair Options– Sometimes I am asked whether the moreindiana fiberglass pool intricate fiberglass designs cost more.  No, and this is a cool thing about fiberglass pools and is not true about other pools. The manufacturer builds a mold and there is no meaningful cost to the manufacturer or you for the benches, ledges, shape and creative stair options!  Hence, most fiberglass pools provide added entertainment and function without adding cost!!

5. Quicker Installation- Because the shell is made in a factory and not in your backyard (as is the case for vinyl and concrete pools), they can be installed more quickly and in more kinds of weather.  Generally, we build these pools all March and November–you can’t do that with vinyl or concrete pools as temperature concerns are a big issue!

6. Factory Controlled Quality- I have seen our pools being built in both Latham’s Texas and West Virginia plants.  Latham takes these warranties they pass out seriously.  I envy Latham’s ability to quality control in a factory vs. in a 6-8 foot dirt hole with a thunderstorm bearing down.  

So what are the cons?  Honestly, i think the big cons are cost and the size limitations.  They cost about $3-10,000 more than a similarly sized vinyl/ steel walled pool.  The larger the pool the more the difference in cost.  But you get the above 6 benefits for this extra money!! You just have to decide if the extra cost is worth it to you.  Considering a gunite or concrete pool? You will probably save money with fiberglass and suffer less pool headaches!

As to the size limitation, this is a legitimate issue.  Let’s face it–we have some big yards and big familys in Indiana.  Fiberglass pools peak out at 16′ x 40′ (15′ x 39′ water edge to water edge).  If you want or need a larger pool, a fiberglass pool is not for you.  

Since 1987, we have always been the largest fiberglass pool builder in the state of Indiana. We are never complacent and we are excited to improve and update our pools and processes each year.

Give us a call and we’ll share our experience with you and show you what we have to offer!  (with references leading the way of course)

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