1. The mold is prepared so that, later, the pool easily
 separates from the mold to give the pool a better quality finish.

2. Viking's standard gel-coat, premium Crystite® or Diamond Series finish is applied.

3. Vinyl Ester Resin is then applied to provide the greatest impact resistance, blister protection, and give the gel-coat finish a gorgeous profile.

4. Additional layers of Vinyl Ester Resin and hand laid fiberglass are strategically applied for durability and strength.

5. The heart of every pool is Viking’s proprietary Ceramic Core, which is applied between layers of specially designed resin and fiberglass mat. The Ceramic Core adds a greater strength to the pool walls.

6. Fiberglass mat and resins are hand-laid acrossinground pools indianapolisthe entire pool to engineered specifications to maximize durability. Additional layers of chopped fiberglass/resin are also added.

7. Honeycomb vertical supports are added to reinforce walls. The coping is then enclosed to provide a closed beam construction to maximize the strength of the pool. Chains are also secured around the pool for easy unloading and setting.

8. The completed pool is lifted off the mold. 

 9. The pool is then inspected and detailed according to specifications for a spectacular finish.

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10. The pool is loaded onto a truck and ready for delivery to the customer.