Vinyl liner pools have been known for bad step designs.  In fact, even today, a predominant step design is a white plastic end step that fades, yellows and cracks with time.  Check out the steps to the left.  Why would someone do this?

Now check out a similar end step to the right except the steps are steel andsteps resized 600 covered with a non skid part of the liner iwith a foam cushion underneath for comfort.

Why not build all vinyl liner pool steps out of steel and cover them with a non skid part of the liner for a truly built in look?  It's the only decent thing to do!

The difference is striking--check out these full width steps for diifferent types of pools that are steel with the liner covering them. 

indianapolis inground pool

For more information on these step designs for vinyl liner pools check out Imperial's step materials. 

rect 029

As you will see, there are many standard step designs utilizing this custom process and avoiding the white plastic look!

And check out how your steps can be incorporated with a sun shelf per the below photos!!