Fishers, Indiana–Inground Pools Zoning and Permit Laws

Each year, we at Perma Pools install many in ground swimming pools in Fishers, Indiana  Because the permitting process in this city can be confusing, it’s important that you understand what the zoning and permit requirement are.

Fishers, Indiana Inground Pool Setback Requirements

Building Setbacks from property lines: vary by zoning district and are often not shown on plot plan; these generally range from 5-50′.  Call the Development Department.

Setbacks because of easements: review plat plan; generally shown.  these include drainage, utility and other easements that restrict where a pool can be constructed on a property.  Fisher’s will generally not allow any construction in a drainage easement.

Setbacks from gas and electric meters-generally 3-4′

Setbacks from septic: 10’ from tank and absorbtion field

To apply for the appropriate pool permits you will need the appropriate applications, the plat plan with the pool and deck drawn in and 2 sets of pool plans/specs.  A Fishers, Indiana inground pool requires at least these permits/approvals:   Building Permit

Lead time from application to permit issuance depends on backlog but is generally less than 10 days.

Special permit rules:  Contractors must be registered in Fishers in order to conduct business in Fishers.

Fishers, Indiana is very helpful to get permits for inground pools and so generally no permit service is really needed.

Costs of Permits:  Approximately $200

Furthermore,  a bond must be posted with the City in order to pull permits except for homeowners pulling their own permits.

Questions regarding your pool permit in Fishers, Indiana? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at 317-782-9956.

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