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Perma Pools: Complaints and Reviews


This is not an easy article to write.  First, let me say that we have grown a lot over our 25 years of history and we know where most complaints can come from and we do everything we can to minimize them.  But I digress...I guess that's because who wants to talk about what people don’t like about their company. 

But here goes…..a probing question that I often get at sales calls is “what complaints do people have about Perma Pools?”  

Customer expectations have to be realistically set.  This applies to quality, aesthetics, service and timing.  We try very, very hard on the front end to describe our processes, service and timing so that you won’t be surprised.  When we talk about the “front end” we mean both in writing on our website and in the sales process.  Sometimes, however, we all get surprised—10 days of rain, an out of stock product or a surprise on the dig can throw things off.  We are lucky that we at Perma can control most all of the process, and therefore, we can generally recover from surprises fairly quickly.  But that does not mean that occasionally we don’t disappoint.

Perma Pools's Customers deserve to be treated with respect.  We spend a lot of time with our employees talking about treating our customers well.  This includes being polite, keeping a clean job site, doing quality work, watching our language, not making promises we can’t keep, providing reasonable communication, and generally treating your project as if it were our own.

We recognize that we are quickly out of business without our customers.  Regardless, we know we will have a few issues during the course of the season and we look at everyone of these instances as a learning opportunity.  Sometimes an employee makes a mistake; sometimes a customer has a bad day.  Regardless, we strive to resolve all such issues fast.  And I much prefer that a complaint be about a personal interaction rather than about bad concrete!! 

Quality Complaints.  We know how to build a great pool.  We understand elevations, structure, concrete, plumbing, and drainage.  Our reputation for quality is everything to us.  If we fall short on quality, we want to hear about it.  No construction quality is perfect and we don’t pretend that we are perfect.  However, you have a right to an overall high standard of aesthetics and a fully and properly functional pool and it is our pledge to deliver it to you. 

Complaints about added costs.  Your contract will invariably include allowances for concrete, electric, gas work and permits.  We try to realistically set these allowances on the front end but we can get surprised especially on electric.  When we go over, we have a good chance that you will complain and we will have to work it out in a reasonable manner.  Fortunately, we are generally talking about $500-1,000, not large dollars in comparison to the overall project. It is possible to fix these costs on the front end but it generally works to the customers disadvantage.

In conclusion, we will get complaints each season as to each of the above but you have our word that we are dedicated to continual improvement, talking through complaints and resolving them as quickly as possible.

Perma Pools' Reviews. We do note that our processes have resulted in our company having the highest overall consumer satisfaction ratings from each of Indianapolis’ consumer rating services, including the Better Business Bureau—higher than any other pool company in Indianapolis!!

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