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In addition, this site contains the Perma Educational Blog, which contains forthright articles on fiberglass inground pool priceswhether a pool is the right thing for youchoosing a poolchoosing options, pool buying questionshow the construction process works, 6 reasons to buy a fiberglass pool and other extremely relevant topics.

This information is relevant to building an in ground pool in Central Indiana and not elsewhere. 

Viking Pools

So What Is Perma Pools' Relationship With Viking or Barrier Reef?AngiesList_SSA_2018_HighRes

Indiana Fiberglass Swimming PoolWe are the largest fiberglass inground pool builder in Indianapolis and all of Indiana.  We have been Viking Pools' exclusive Central Indiana dealer since 1998.  Over the years we have become addicted to Viking's quality, variety, versatility and aesthetics.  Since the recession, we are also excited to be a part of Viking Pools because of their financial stability.  As a part of Latham International, Viking Pools had access to capital during the recession and used this capital to increase its market share and become the U.S.'s dominant supplier of fiberglass inground pools under its various brands.  But NEW FOR 2019, we are pleased to announce that we have also taken on a secondary line of fiberglass pools, Barrier Reef, see  Barrier Reef's designs compliment what we are doing with Viking and give Perma's customers the more choices than any other Central Indiana dealer.

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