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This information is relevant to building an in ground pool in Central Indiana and not elsewhere.  

describe the imageOur Vinyl Liner Inground Pools For Indiana.  We are Central Indiana's exclusive Pacific Pools dealer.  "Pacific Pools" is the premier brand of vinyl liner pools manufactured by Latham Pools of Latham, NY.  (Latham also owns Viking Pools and Coverstar Auto Covers).  Pacific Pools is a manufacturer of steel walled vinyl liner inground pool kits for the Indianapolis market and elsewhere.  These kits can be fully customized to any shape, size or depth.  Pacific Pools maintains signifigant distribution facilities of their inground pool products right here in Indiananpolis.  

No White Plastic Steps.  Note that you do not see white plastic steps or coping in the inground swimming pool pictures to the right.  Our standard specifications include custom textured liner covered steel steps and gray aluminum coping for a much superior look.  Concrete coping is also an option.  And for 2017, "riser steps" are the NEW buzzword and the waive of the future!!

Perma's Vinyl Covered Steps. These liner covered steps are the same pattern as the rest of the floor, or an offset complementary color, and are almost always textured to provide a slip resistant surface.   Whether you choose a standard design or go more custom,these inground pools are beautiful!

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