The Perma Pools Service Department is committed to serving all of your inground swimming pool needs in the greater Indianapolis area and the Central Indiana region. All of our technicians have years of experience with the equipment and products we sell; some of our technicians have been with us for 10+ years and have seen it all when it comes to pool service. Every technician is authorized to perform warranty service for everything we currently sell.

Leading the department is Pam Stammer, a pool industry veteran with over 25 years of service with Perma Pools and a lifetime of experience with swimming pools in Indiana. You can learn more about Pam here. During the course of a year, Pam coordinates thousands of openings, closings, maintenance visits, and equipment repairs and installations with her five crews of experienced and enthusiastic technicians.

Our current service offerings are presented below. If you would like to schedule one of our services, please contact us through our website or call (317) 782-9956.

Perma Pools offers a wide range of services to manage your inground swimming pool, from openings and closings to ongoing maintenance to equipment repair and replacement. 


Perma Pools offers a full-service opening to help prepare your pool for the season:

  • We lightly pressure-wash your cover and concrete deck.
  • We inspect your equipment and start the system, including the heater. We can leave the heater on at your desired temperature at your request.
  • We lightly vacuum the pool.
  • We clean the scum line and skimmer area, brush the walls and floor, and empty all baskets.
  • If you have cartridge filters, we install these for you.
  • We lubricate all O-rings.
  • We assemble your automatic pool cleaner and install your handrail and ladder (where applicable).
  • We add opening chemicals--shock, a stain & scale treatment, and algaecide--and add chlorine tablets to your feeder or install your FROG Pacs.
  • We test your water for pH, alkalinity, chlorine, stabilizer, TDS, and phosphates.


Our full-service closing ensures a trouble-free winter so that your spring opening can go more smoothly:

  • We lightly vacuum the pool. (Excessive debris should be removed prior to closing.)
  • We add closing chemicals--shock, algaecide, and a stain & scale treatment--to the water.
  • We rinse the cartridge filters (where applicable).
  • We remove chlorine tablets from the chlorinator or your FROG Pacs from the FROG cycler.
  • We empty and remove your baskets and return fittings. We will place pump plugs and pressure gauges in the pump basket for storage.
  • We blow water from the lines, add antifreeze (4gal included), and plug the lines with winter plugs and gizmos/skimmer expanders to protect against freeze damage.
  • We winterize all of your pool equipment to protect against freeze damage.
  • We install your winter cover and water tubes or secure your automatic cover (where applicable).


Spend less time cleaning your pool and more time enjoying it with one of our maintenance programs. We offer maintenance services on a weekly, biweekly, and monthly basis, as well as vacation service that you can schedule in advance so you can come home to a pristine pool. We perform a number of services during a maintenance visit as needed:

  • We vacuum your pool and skim the water.
  • We brush the walls and floor and clean the scum line and skimmer.
  • We clean out your pump and skimmer baskets.
  • We fill the chlorinator or install a new FROG Pac.
  • We inspect the filter pressure and backwash the filter or clean the cartridges.
  • We add water to the pool if the level is low.
  • We test your water, make note of its clarity, and add chemicals as needed.

Equipment Replacement & Repair

Is your aging heater not keeping your pool as warm as you want? Is your pump old and loud? Ready to change filter types? Perma Pools offers equipment replacement services to upgrade you to the latest and greatest technology. Perma Pools also services existing equipment and our technicians are also authorized to complete warranty service on Pentair equipment should you need it.