Our service department is run by Pam Stammer whose only duty at Perma Pools is servicing pools.  She operates 5 crews of enthusiastic service technicians that cover most of Central Indiana.  Pam grew up in the swimming pool industry, has been with Perma Pools as its service manager for over 25 years (Check out her Bio).  She knows what she is talking about.  During the course of a year, Pam directs thousands of openings, closings, equipment repairs, and other inground pool services. 

  • Our Service Department and Listing Of Sample Services

    Our full service department is committed to serving all of your swimming pool needs in Indianapolis and the Central Indiana region. Each service technician has years of experience with the equipment and products we provide. We are authorized to perform warranty service for everything we sell.

    Services Include: 

    Pool Openings starting at $360 (depending on size of pool & equipment) 

    Pool Closings starting at $360 (depending on size of pool & equipment) 


Weekly Service + Chemicals - $78 Every other week + Chemicals - $88 Vacation Service + Chemicals - $115 Monthly Service + Chemicals - $135

Services Include: Vacuum Pool, Skim Water, Brush Pool, Clean scum line, Clean Skimmer, Clean pump basket, Clean skimmer basket, Fill Chlorinator, Backwash Filter, and Clean cartridges 


Winter Cartridge Element Cleaning  

We will take your filter cartridges when we close your pool and store them at our facility over winter. In the spring we will clean them and bring them back when we open your pool. This service costs $75. Please call our office if you have any additional questions.