For the technically advantaged, we will sell Viking Pool packages to be installed by you at thedescribe the image below prices (includes install manual and some instruction).  Below are prices of some of the popular models we sell as self installs. We don't sell other shells.  Reasonable construction skills are necessary.  This program won't be helpful if you are merely subcontracting the work at market rates. 

Viking Shells 2020- (with any Viking upgrade finish):

  • 12 X 24 (St. Lucia) $16,000 plus tax and delivery
  • 14 X 28 (Valencia) $18,000 plus tax and delivery
  • 14 X 30 (Carmel) $19,200 plus tax and delivery
  • 14 X 33 (Claremont) $19,600 plus tax and delivery
  • 16 X 33 (Lake Shore) $20,800 plus tax and delivery
  • 16 X 35 (Gulf Shore) $22,000 plus tax and delivery
  • 16 X 38 (Mediteranean) $22,300 plus tax and delivery
  • 16 X38 (Kingston) $23,900 plus tax and delivery

Delivery-$600 for first 20 miles from Emerson Ave/465 on the southeastside; $9/mile thereafter; add $200 for 16' wide pools.

Standard Equipment (Pentair 1 hsp pump, Pentair sand filter  or 200 SF cartridge filter, upgrade sanitation system (Frog), pipe, fittings, skimmer, 4 returns, concrete equipment pads, white low voltage LED light and transformer (colored led and controller add $400), cantilever forms, maintenance equipment, safety equipment, some chemicals and more) - $4,500 plus tax

Heaters - Gas  $1,600 - $3,000 plus tax; Heat pumps $2,400-$6,000

Auto covers - $6,000-10,000; Perma will install if requested per quote

Dig, set shell, cut in, plumb fittings and skimmer only, backfill, and add water to just below fittings (labor and equipment only and up to 7 hour use of 1 tandem dump truck included for hauling or dirt disposal-no fill or water or dirt disposal costs included; no plumbing except as specified; does not include setting equipment; will need to have site for the dirt)

  • Up to 14 X 33 $9,000

  • 16 X 33 - 16 X 38 $10,000

  • Note: Viking requires that shells be sold without warranty unless an authorized dealer of Viking sets the pool; install price assumes project location within 30 miles.

Set shell and assist in adding 2 loads of water; we provide 1 installer plus a helper for up to 5 hours on site, will also cut in pool and install light, skimmer and fittings as time allows; hole must be dug and prepped to desired grade by the time we arrive, bobcat and fill must be on site as well as crane or equivalent to set shell;  (labor only included)  $4,000

Cut in pool and install light, skimmer and fittings (labor only) - $800

Set equipment and plumb (available only if we are on site digging pool; labor only) -  $1,000 

*Note: Prices are approximate and subject to change without notice