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SPAS. If you are considering a pool you might consider a spa also to enhance your outdoor experience and extend your relationship with water well into late fall and beyond!   We build an array of custom spas utilizing shells built by Viking Pools or we customize a box spa by designing it partly underground, providing drainage and then consructing a custom stone or brick or stamped concrete enclosure.


jandy aqualink pda resized 600AUTOMATION. You can automate your pool with a controller, either remote or stationary.  Here are some things you can tie into the controller:

    • Turn your light on/off
    • Turn your water feature on/off
    • Adjust your heater temperature
    • Adjust the output of your salt chlorine generator
    • Turn your pump on/off
    • Turn other devices on/off

Automation can cost anywhere from $2,000 and up depending on how complicated you get.  The cost has been steadily coming down and use of an app on your smart phone eliminates an expensive remote control!  Whether automation is relevant to you depends on how accessable your manual controls are (is your light switch 28 steps away?), your desire for wow, and the cost.

Penatair builds a full line of automation products for controlling not only your pool, spa but also anything else you can turn on or off!