Deck Jets and Rain Archs.  A couple of very basic water features are deck jets and rain archs.  These features add a big visual and turn your pool into a fountain at a modest price.  They can also be great kids features, especially the deck jets! 

 inground pool with rain archsindiana swimming pool with deck jets

Fountain and Water Features - Here are pictures of some of the fountains and water features that are also possible:
Deck Jets Fire and Water Pot Overhead Spillway
deck_jets_flic.krppTueu_copy.jpg fire_pot.jpg Pool_bar_idea_with_waterfall.jpg
Sheer Arch

Natural Rock Fountain

2014_pool_pictures_033.jpg 08-Fall_Poolside__Outdoor_Living_Spaces_-_Collinsville_OK_.jpg bubbler.jpg

Custom Water Features.  Still not seeing what you are thinking of?  We will work with you to custom design the feature of your choice.