No pool cover is included in our pool packages.  We sell a standard winter cover with a cover pump that installs with water tubesindianpolis swimming pool in the $650-700 range.  We sell an array of bolted down winter safety covers in the $2,500-3,000 range for standard shapes (Includes pump).  Of course, we love our year round Coverstar automatic covers which we sell with a new install about 85% of the time because of safety, convienence, and cost.  We have a whole division of our company dedicated to sales and service of automatic covers, Perma Cover Service.  As with anything, automatic covers are of varying quailty and cost.  We sell only premium brands in the $9,000-14,000 range depending on size and options (especially track and lid options).  More information on our automatic covers can be found here and here is a good blog discussion about automatic covers, benefits and costs. 

HEATERS-Gas and Electric- Pentair

A heater will almost double the time during which you can use your pool.

All of our gas heaters have a digital control and electronic ignition.  While initially more expensive, also ask about Heat Pumps for low cost over time and can also cool! Check out  Pentair heaters here.  For a discussion of heating options and costs, click here.   For a third party discussion of the pros and cons of Pentair vs Hayward vs Zodiac/Jandy, click here (Perma is in general agreement with this article and that is why we are a Pentair dealer rather than Zodiac or Hayward).

Pentair Heater


Perma Pools generally constructs their pools with a concrete patio but pavers and stone are also an option.

Options, Costs and Benefits - For a comprehensive discussion of most of the options, including costs and benefitsclick here.

Concrete -This is usually the preferred deck material because of aesthetics, cost and automatic cover concerns.  Alternatives are stone and pavers.  Oh, and remember, deadbeat concrete means a deadbeat pool.

We are especially proud of our regular concrete and exposed aggregate installed by our own concrete crew. We also subcontract for a full array of specialty concrete including stamped concrete and textured overlay decks. The below picture is an example of stamped concrete and there are many stamped concrete and spray deck colors and design options.  

To look at a lot of examples of stamped concrete check out this photo gallery.

Stamped concrete is truly the KING of concrete and is an art in the right hands.  We are extremely confident of our stamped concrete process.    

Here are some decking tips from our experience:

1.  The top priority should be to get all the concrete you need even if this means getting regular concrete. Don't plan on getting more later--it will be more expensive, won't match and will be a pain.  Regular concrete is the least costly starting at $9.00 per sqft and entails the least maintenance (all other concrete requires sealing at appropriate intervals). 

2.  Once you select the quantity, then decide on the type: regular gray, dyed concrete, exposed aggregate or stamped concrete. Generally discard the dyed concrete option as it has issues.  Exposed aggregate is about $1.70/ SF (includes one seal coat; add $.40 for a second seal coat) more than regular gray and is a great look but is the most maintenance (requires annual sealing).  Stamped concrete is the "king" but comes at about twice the cost of regular gray.  

3.  Stamped Concrete.  We believe you will get more "bang for the buck" buying great landscaping and great pool furniture than by buying upgrade colored concrete.  However, the increased cost of stamped is worth it--it turns your pool into a work of art! You pick colors and a pattern.  And as a bonus, our stamped contractor (Ryan) will throw in a complimentary border around the pool that will really set your pool apart from the pack. Ryan and his crew are a dream to work with and always have lots of great ideas.  Sweet!indiana inground pool concrete

4.  Concrete Craftsmanship.  There are tricks to pouring a pool deck and there is a high expectation of quality.  Pouring a thousand driveways, basements, and sidewalks does not make anyone an experienced pool deck craftsman.  Our concrete contractors have worked with us for many years and have tons of experience with our pools.  Sockets, auto cover tracks, diving boards, ladders, handrails and copings make pool decks a specialty.  We will, of course, work with any concrete contractor you choose.

5. Design.  A great concrete design will greatly increase the value of your pool deck, both visually and from a functional standpoint.  Here are some considerations: proper areas for furniture, sun and shade, curvy shapes vs. geometric designs or somewhere in between, landscaping, views, structural, and drainage considerations.