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What Time of Year is Best to Build Your Swimming Pool?


Some people I talk to during March are anxious to break ground and start their pool installation process, but they feel a little rushed by the various decisions they need to make, like shape, design, colors and decorative touches. I understand.

Summer is coming and everyone—especially the kids—is anxious to start swimming! But there’s no reason to feel rushed into any decision. You need to give yourself the time to plan the pool and backyard experience you want. 

Ultimately the best time to build a pool comes down to your lifestyle. Spring, summer or fall could be ideal for you. One way to think about the pool building process is this: there may be a higher cost to swim sooner. Waiting may mean that you pay less, but swimming is delayed until the following year.   

Pool Building in the Spring 

Spring is the busiest time for pool contractors. Many people are eager to open their pool early in the spring and get as much enjoyment as possible out of the current season. This is a major perk for starting early in the spring. 

Because contractors book up quickly, it may be challenging to get on the calendar and you will probably pay more than if you were to build your pool “off season” in the fall. 

What to expect: unpredictable weather may 


create more mud to contend with and consequently, construction delays. Your yard will be disturbed during excavation, dirt will have to be moved…you may have to regrade sections of the yard and plant more grass. But you can also expect to enjoy your pool through the summer and fall! 

Pool Building in the Summer 

It’s easier to build when the ground is dry.  For those with bad access to their back yards for trucks, the wait may be necessary.  Starting the installation in summer, around June or July, gives builders a better surface to work on (no mud). They won’t be quite as busy, so the installation should move faster, and you still have a few months of swim time left in the year.  

The only thing that may slow the process a little is high heat and humidity. No one is completely at the top of their game when the heat index is 95 degrees. You won’t be the only ones dreaming about the finished pool! 

Pool Building in the Fall 

I’ll let you in on a secret: most pool contractors prefer building pools in the fall. We got into this business because we love it, and the work is most enjoyable when autumn hits because we can spend more time with you creating your dream.  

The installation moves at a great pace, we aren’t hampered by weather, and we can get everything just right—especially the landscaping. Everyone gets a little caught up in the magic, collaboration and all of the design details. The grass and plants you select have at least six months to grow in so by the time spring hits. If you wait til Spring to start, your install will take longer and you will be well into the summer before your grass is growing again.  But with a Fall build, your yard gets stabilized before winter and you just touch up in the Sping.  No wasting your swim time sweating the details!

Best of all: you’re likely to get a bit of a deal in the Fall.  Manufacturers increase prices in January. Building your pool before those new rates are announced puts you in a good position to save a little money and perhaps your builder will have a special or two! 

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