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The Lowdown on Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools in 2019

Both saltwater pools and traditional chlorine types have awesome features. If you’re on the fence, you certainly aren’t alone. Which features suit you best? Read on! Saltwater Pools The biggest myth surrounding saltwater pools is that they contain zero chlorine because the water comes from the sea. But the truth may surprise you. Saltwater pools don’t even come close to seawater. In fact, they aren’t even chlorine-free. Saltwater pools use a process called “electrolysis” to produce just enough chlorine to disinfect the water.  Read More

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What does Indiana Inground Pool Growth Look Like for 2013?

There is an 800 pound gorilla in the pool business called Pool Corp (symbol POOL) who is in the business of supplying inground pool builders with the vast majority of the things they buy. They are the world’s largest such supplier. So when Pool Corp speaks, all of Indiana’s inground pool builders listen. Indiana Inground Pool Market. I am hearing some good things about the strength of the in ground pool market both nationally and in Central Indiana. I am also finding people are in the buying mode.  Read More

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