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The Lowdown on Saltwater Pools vs. Chlorine Pools in 2019

Both saltwater pools and traditional chlorine types have awesome features. If you’re on the fence, you certainly aren’t alone. Which features suit you best? Read on! Saltwater Pools The biggest myth surrounding saltwater pools is that they contain zero chlorine because the water comes from the sea. But the truth may surprise you. Saltwater pools don’t even come close to seawater. In fact, they aren’t even chlorine-free. Saltwater pools use a process called “electrolysis” to produce just enough chlorine to disinfect the water.  Read More

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Drainage Around Your Swimming Pool

I am often asked what are the most annoying problems you can have with pools. My answer is always BAD DRAINAGE!! When we install a pool, we spend a good amount of time assessing the grade of the ground and confirming the level of the pool and patio. There is a reason for this: water only runs downhill and we want it to get to a spot where it will do no harm and will not annoy. If water runs into your basement or into the pool cavity, a LOT of damage can occur. We need to control how that water flows in a 3 hour, 3" rain (and that can be thousands of gallons!!!).  Read More

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Ultimate Low Maintenance In Ground Pool

I have a lot of customers that are looking for the simple life. They want a pool but they want the least maintenance possible. So here are my ideas for creating the ULTIMATE LOW MAINTENANCE POOL! Read More

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Fiberglass Pools In Indiana: Top 6 Reasons To Buy

My Indianapolis pool company was founded in 1987 solely to build fiberglass pools. We built no other type of pool until we started building vinyl liner pools in 2005 (and that's another story). I LOVE FIBERGLASS POOLS!  Read More

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