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Swimming Pool Zoning and Permit Laws: Indianapolis and Marion County, Indiana



Indianapolis Inground Pool Setback Requirements

Building Setbacks from property lines: vary by zoning district and generally not shown on plot plan; these generally range from 5-50'.

Setbacks from septic: 10’

Setbacks because of easements: review plat plan; generally shown

Setbacks from gas and electric meters-generally 3-4'

To apply for the appropriate pool permits you will need the appropriate applications, the plat plan with the pool and deck drawn in and 2 sets of pool plans/specs.  An Indianapolis inground pool requires at least these permits:  drainage, structural, improvement location, and electrical.  Starting in 2012, a plumbing permit is also required if you are installing a gas heater.  The electrical and plumbing permits are "craft" permits and must be pulled in the name of the applicable licensed electrician or plumber.

Lead time from application to permit issuance depends on backlog but is generally less than 3 weeks.

Special permit rules:  Marion County will not let you build an in ground pool without a variance unless the total finished square footage of your house exceeds the total square footage of all your accessory improvement after the pool/deck are installed (acessory uses include garage, pool, deck, patios, and outbuildings etc). A variance takes 4-8 weeks and can cost $1,500-2,500.

The permit process begins with a drainage review.  Currently, the drainage department requires that your plot plan contain 1) before and after construction elevations and 2) descriptions of all drainage work including drain pipe exits.

Marion County is one of the more complicated places to get permits and sometimes a permit service is really helpful.

In Marion County, you need these permits: Drainage Permit, Improvement Location Permit, 
Structural Permit, Electrical Permit. From date of application to issuance these permits take about 10-15 business days to get.  Also, there is a drainage inspection before issuance of the permits (so if there is a delay in the inspection or questions arise there could be a delay).

Costs of Permits:  Approximately $750 plus about $150 if a plumbers permit is required.

Furthermore,  a bond must be posted with the county in order to pull the basic permits. 

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