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Indiana Swimming Pools- The Drainage Problem and Its Solution


I am often asked what is the worst problem an Indiana swimming pool could have. 

There is one problem that stands out because it could mean the death of an Indiana swimming pool.  It is a highly preventable problem but one that causes more pool deaths than any other. 

Indiana Swimming Pools Deserve Great Drainage Systems!  The problem is the failure to recognize the power of water that is not properly controlled and act appropriately on that knowledge.  Combined, bad drainage and hydrostatic pressure are the culprit for more pool deaths than any other cause in my opinion.  All you need to know is this:  don’t drain your pool “willy nilly”and direct all water runoff away from your pool so it does not fill up your pool cavity.  Here’s why. 

Improper Draining of Indiana Swimming Pools.  Here’s a possible scenario that actually happened to an Indiana swimming pool about 3 year ago.  We were called to an apartment complex in Indianapolis to check out their swimming pool.  It was April and their new maintenance man was thinking ahead and trying to figure out how to clean out their very dirty 30’x50’ concrete/gunite Indiana inground pool.  So he threw a pump in it to drain the pool so he could get the muck out.INDINAPOLIS INGROUND POOLS 

By the time we arrived the pool had floated 3 feet up and popped right through the concrete deck.  By draining the pool, and not first removing the water in the pool cavity, the pool had become like a big boat!  That pool was dead on arrival!  And we got the job to replace it. 

Bad things can happen to a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool also; although, the results are probably not going to be quite as dramatic.  Hydrostatic pressure is a nasty thing. 

The lesson here is to have a little knowledge about pools.  First, you need a system in place so that you can know how much water is under your pool.  Second, you need to remove that water before the pool is drained.  Third, since you now know a little more about pools, you might want to call an expert in Indiana swimming pools to assist you in draining your pool. 

Controlling Surface Water Runoff Around Indiana Swimming Pools.  A related water problem with Indiana inground pools is the issue of surface water runoff.  Uncontrolled, surface water can find its way under your concrete and into your pool cavity. You don’t want your pool cavity to be filling up with water to the bottom of your concrete deck every time you have a big rain.  Bad drainage is a dangerous situation in the short term (maybe the cavity water gets higher than the pool water) and bad drainage stresses the pool out over time causing deterioration—all due to the hydrostatic pressure. 

What to Do.  Your drainage system around your pool needs to be built to handle the worst rain storm.  Picture your downspouts running at full blast—do they exit at a place that can cause a hazard to the pool?  Picture a sheet of water falling on your pool deck—where is that water going to go?  Into your pool cavity?  Are your drains in and around your pool deck up to the task of directing all of this water away from your pool? 

You want an appropriate drainage plan to direct water away from your pool so that it does not find its way into your pool cavity (or in an appropriate case, you may need a sump pump).  Second, you need to maintain that drainage system over the years by cleaning out drains and downspouts if they get clogged and adjusting to changed site conditions over time. 

Your Indiana swimming pool professional should be able to help you with a plan and you must decide who will execute the plan.  Some drainage plans could be expensive and you need to decide who will do this work:  the pool company, the homeowner, or a landscaper. 

So come up with a good drainage plan, execute it and maintain it over time and you should not have any drainage problems with your Indiana swimming pool.smiley resized 600




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