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What does Pool Maintenance Cost in Indiana?


Many of our customers want to know the answer to this important question when considering a swimming pool in Indiana: What are going to be my yearly maintenance costs?

cleaning a swimming pool in IndianapolisThis is a very good question, and I am going to assume a typical pool in Indiana which would include a pump, filter, and an automatic cover.  

The typical customer might incur these approximate pool costs each year: 

  • Opening by pool company: $300
  • Maintenance on auto cover: $200
  • Reserve: replacing vinyl auto cover: $300
  • Chemicals: $500
  • Electric, 5 months: $300

These costs do not include the cost to heat the pool if you purchased a heater.  Heat costs can vary widely depending on the size of the pool, whether you have an auto cover, how you use your heater and whether your heater is natural gas, propane or a heat pump.  Generally, I tell people that, for an average size pool, they will spend about $1,000 heating their pool if they have an auto cover and their goal is a 5 month season.  A heat pump might reduce these heating costs by half or more.  Without an automatic pool cover or solar blanket, your heating cost will be more.

The cost of weekly pool service by a pool company is about $1,000 per year.  For this price, the pool company will come to your house each week, clean your pool, check your equipment and adjust the chemicals.  Check our Perma Pools service here

So these are your basic yearly maintenance cost expectations for a swimming in Indiana.  Naturally, as your pool equipment ages, there may be other expenses.  If you would like to learn more about pool costs or have other questions, don't hesitate to contact us at Perma Pools today.

Site references:  check out automatic pool covers and pool options for maintenance saving ideas.

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