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Ultimate Low Maintenance In Ground Pool


I have a lot of customers that are looking for the simple life.  They want a pool but they want the least maintenance possible.  So here are my ideas for creating the ULTIMATE LOW MAINTENANCE POOL!

Type of Pool-  Get a fiberglass pool with a permanent finish or surface.  There is no liner to be replaced and no scheduled replastering like with a gunite pool.  Also, fiberglass pools have very limited 27280229opportunities to leak (unlike vinyl liner pools or gunite pools that can leak anywhere in the shell).  Also,the water chemistry is usually easier than with a gunite pool because of the smooth non porous surface that does not interact with chemicals the way the surface of a gunite pool reacts.

Size of Pool-  Don't buy a larger pool than you need.  Larger pools require more chemicals, cleaning, more heating.and more foot work to take care of.

Chemistry-  I now have personal experience with copper sanitizers, having done about 15 of these systems over the last 3-4 years.  These systems make it a snap to kill the bacteria in your pool compared to chlorine systems.  Why?  Copper is a more stable sanitizer and does not dissipate because of sunlight or bather load.  Because it is more stable, you have less risk of cloudy water and you don't have to check your chemicals more than once a week.  And with most of these systems, you generally never have to even shock the pool.  While there are lots of health reasons to use copper, there are lots of maintenance reasons to use these systems too..  We use Chlorine Free USA.  These systems sell for more than a salt chlorine generator but you get the difference back pretty quick and they are LOW maintenance.

Avoid High Maintenance Products and Buy High Quality Pumps, Filters and Heaters.  I probably won't think of them all but here are a few higher maintenance products: an in floor cleaning system, a concrete lid on an auto cover, salt chlorine generators, ultra violet lights, exposed aggregate concrete, multiple speed pumps and unneeded automation etc. Maybe you could add a few!!  And of course buying quality for the equipment you do buy is always a maintenance reducer.

Add an Automatic Cover.  An automatic cover is not just for safety; it makes your life easier and keeps your pool cleaner by keeping debris out of the pool when it is not in use.  It gives you control and peace of mind.

Buy Weekly Service and Other Services.  If you do all of the above, you will have come a long way towards making your pool ultra low maintenance.  But it will still be on your mind to check things out periodically. Many of our customers like the idea of having their pool professionally serviced once per week to transfer most of the burdens of ownership to the pool company.  Also, it is generally a good idea to have your pool company open and close your pool to avoid the headache.maui_pictures_015

So there are some of my ideas to create the ULTIMATE LOW MAINTENANCE POOL.  I realize that some of these ideas cost money so that is a concern.  Also, some people like to clean their pool just like they like to cut their grass and both are obviously ok!!  But if you did all of the above, there would be very little effort required by you to keep your pool in shape!!

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