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What Borders Are Available for Your In Ground Pool? Costs?


The border around your pool is often referred to as the coping.   This is the transition edge of where your pool patio meets the entire perimeter of your pool shell.  It can consist of many describe the imagedifferent types of materials.  Above is a feau brick pattern done

describe the imagewith a textured overlay over regular concrete.  To the right is some cool trim work done by an expert stamped concrete craftsman. The coping can consist of just the edge itself or up to a 2' wide "border" all the way around the entire perimeter of the water's edge. It can be constructed of different types of materials or finishes from the patio area itself or not. Having it done in a different material can sometime's be a beautiful contrast that really sets your pool apart!!

describe the image

Coping choices for both fiberglass and vinyl liner pools are quite similar, and in addition to concrete copings, most choices will work with any shape of pool. Here are some of the many different choices available:

Standard copings:

Aluminum Coping (Vinyl pools)...usually standard/no additional charge

Basic concrete coping-any pool but usually std. on fiberglass pools and an up charge on

vinyl pools

Specialty copings ranging from $25-$70/ foot: 

Travertine coping

Paver and brick coping

Stone coping                                                                

Limestone coping

And then there are the concrete copings ranging from $10 to 20 per foot (depending on the concrete contractor, there might be signifigant discounting depending on other work)

Stamped coping.                                        

Sand matrix coping                                              

Exposed aggrigate coping

Textured overlay coping                                   

As you can see, there are many choice available and the additional cost can vary from nothingdescribe the image extra at all to $ 70 per linear ft. When the average pool has about 100=120 linear feet, it could get rather expensive. But remember, when choosing the type of coping for your pool, a cool coping can really set your pool apart from all of your family and friend's pools. Explore your options carefully, talk to your sales rep prior to purchasing and budget the choice that best fits your tastes as this will be there for the entire life of your pool!                                                                  

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