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When is The Best Time to Build an Indianapolis In Ground Pool?


I am asked this question a lot.  Some of the people who ask this question are

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hoping that the best time is some other time.  They don't really want a pool all that much.   And some are hoping now is the time and are ready to take the plunge!  So when is the best time to build an Indianapolis Inground Pool? 

My opinion is that this is a lifestyle decision and the sooner you build your in ground pool the longer you get to enjoy it and the quicker you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.  A pool is a 25 year plus deal so the exact timing of your install is VERY SMALL POTATOES compared to the end result.

But that said, it is obvious that each season has its pros and cons so let’s look at some of the times to build and the pros and cons of each! 

In Ground Pools Indianapolis:  Springtime.  This is the time of the year that many people in Indiana decide to build.  It's muddy but the motivation is to get the pool indianapolis pool builders get muddy in springbuilt in the spring so that you have the whole season to enjoy it.  This motivation must be strong as all Indiana pool builders are the most busy in the Spring trying to get everything done by Memorial Day.  It should be noted that Spring has very unpredictable weather and many facets of the building process require reasonably dry weather.  So whether or not your pool gets done on time is less predictable in the Spring.  (One thing is predictable--you get to see a lot of playing in the mud!) 

How is the pricing in the Spring?  You might get a touch of a good deal if you locked in your price before your builder got stuck with a bunch of price increases (some manufacturers hold last year's price for a period of time--ours do), you might get the benefit of a sale; however, this is the busiest time of the year for builders and so the pressure to discount is the least. 

Inground Pools Indianapolis:  Summer and Fall.  Summer and Fall definitely have better weather and it is just easier to build.  Some pools really should be built during this time to avoid the expense of flopping around aimlessly in the mud of Spring.  The weather is more predictably good this time of year.  Also, the pool builders are a bit less busy meaning that you will probably get more personal attention. 

I would say that builders really start sharpening their pencils for pools they are building in July or ground pools Indianapolis Fall discounts 

If you build your pool in June or July, you will still get plenty of swimming in for the current year.  If you build your pool in August, you might still get a month or two of swimming. 

If you build your pool in the Fall, you get to build at a reasonable pace and your kids are not pushing you too hard.  You get to pull your landscaping together and avoid a muddy Spring install.  In fact, I love Fall pool builds as they are often very well thought out and these people not only get all of next year to swim, their landscaping is done and mature by the time the season starts. 

So if you want to build a pool, there may be little perks to building at different times of the year.  However, I stress the term “little”.  If you are ready to adopt a pool into your lifestyle and have set aside the cash, I do not think there is a meaningful reason to delay the plunge!  The time of the year you build will not be meaningful in the end! 

What do you think?


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