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Don't Make These 3 Deadly Pool Buying Mistakes


So are you ready to take the plunge and build your own in ground pool?  Have you looked at beautiful pictures?   Are ready to turn your backyard into paradise?    So far so good butsinister pool buying mistakes danger lurkes.   Try hard not to make these mistakes!

Mistake #1—The Wrong Indiana Pool Builder.  The internet is jammed packed with stories of builders who screwed things up, cheaped out when it counted, or even intentionally left the homeowner holding the bag.  “Just starting in the pool business” or “just getting back in the pool business” should make you think twice.  The sting of bad quality lasts longer than the sting of paying a few bucks more.  Check out references, Angies List and the Better Business Bureau.  If there’s little information or an odd story line, then that’s a problem. 

Mistake #2---The Wrong Products for Central Indiana Swimming Pools.  Invest in products that will make your care and feeding of your pool easier.  Automatic covers save on cleaning time, heating, chemicals as well as act as a safety device.  Some filters are easier to work thanfixing resized 600 others.  A robotic automatic cleaner is a dream (as is a Pool Blaster for very little money).  Nichless led lights seldom leak and last a long time.  Be wary of too many high tech devices that add up to a maintenance nightmare.  Stick with tested low maintenance products that have withstood the test of time.

Mistake #3—Indianapolis Inground Pools-Never Too Safe.  You want to have peace of mind that you have done what you can to reduce safety concerns.  Diving boards and slides are more dangerous than not having them—are they necessary or appropriate for your family?  indianapolis pool safety is an issueYou need to decide on a fence or an auto cover or both.  A fence keeps out the neighborhood kids but what about your own kids?  There is increasing concern over the connection between a chlorinated pool and asthma and other respitory problems.  Consider doing something to lessen the chlorine in your pool (e.g. mineral sanitation) or eliminating chlorine (e.g. copper ionization).  There are wrist alarms that go off when they get wet for little ones, door alarms and other alarms that can be considered.  Don't buy stamped concrete that is too slipery and make sure the steps of your pool are nonskid (some of those vinyl liners are dangerous).

I think a buyer's biggest decision is determining which builder you can trust and who will listen to you. A good builder will help you express your dream not only in terms of design, but he/she will also help you in selecting the concept and products that are right for you and your family.  A good builder will even disagree with you just a little bit when appropriate. 

I hope this is of help and let us know if you have any questions or if we can be of service to you.



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