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Hey Everybody, Make Your Indiana Pool Fun!


I am constantly amazed at how many Indiana pool owners do not intentionally make their pools fun and comfortable.  By this I mean there are lots of way to get some extra sizzle and thus a really fun pool.  Sure, you have a raft or two but what are some more ideas to have fun in and around the pool? 

I would start by looking at who is it that will be using the pool, their ages, their gender etc.  In other words, who do you want to make the pool fun for? 

Below we have compiled a list of some ideas you might not have considered and some web links to boot!  Have a pool filled with fun and comfort!  Sorry, some of these ideas are not for the budget conscious! 


A Checklist and some links 

  1. Toys.  Consider more in pool fun toys likeblue wave resized 600 basketball, volleyball, rafts or maybe the Blue Wave to the right.  These toys will be the easiest on the pocketbook compared to what follows!
  2. Waterfeatures.  Add after market deck jets or how about at least a flower fountain?  Maybe a pond and waterfall?
  3. Furniture.  Great comfortable, pool furniture will really spruce up the pool environment.  Here are some pictures that might inspire you! 
  4. Outdoor Kitchens/Fireplaces.  One recent rage is the outdoor kitchen or fireplace.  Check out some of these ideas:      
  5. Custom Firepits.  Maybe it’s too cold for your pool but perhaps your deck could be extended/reshaped to include a fire pit to lounge around in the fall.  Landscapers and concrete guys will be looking for work in the Fall!
  6. Remote Controls.  Do you have water features and lighting on your pool that might be fun to automate?  Ask your pool guy about this.  Also, relax and make your next pool cleaner a robotic cleaner WITH A REMOTE CONTROL   (this is our favorite robotic cleaner with a great warranty)
  7. Music.  Whether you want Beethoven or the Rolling Stones, music can be a great addition to an outdoor environment and who better than the NY Times to tell you the basics of how to do it!
  8. Lighting.  How about an outdoor laser show?  Or maybe just some cool outdoor lighting.  Here are the basics:  
  9. Grand effects.  Try a poolside firebowl/waterfall from Grand Effects!
  10. Pool Fog.  I’m reaching here because I’ve never done this, or known anyone who did, but I’ve seen the product on display at the nationalpool fog resized 600 shows and it sounds really cool, check it out!   

 Now you don’t have to do all of these ideas to make your pool fun.  In fact, just one idea might just do the trick to inspire you to new heights!!  Good luck!

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