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What is the Cost of an Indiana Automatic Swimming Pool Cover?


I was sitting with a young family in Brownsburg on Wednesday going over swimming pool pricing.  “All of these prices I can understand,” said Ted, “But I really don’t get this auto
cover pricing.”  Ted’s wife gazed at me in agreement with Ted.inground pool indiana with automatic pool cover 

So what does an automatic pool cover cost in Central Indiana?  “Why so much?” Ted asked again. 

At first blush, I can understand the grousing about the price.  But I think these are truly extraordinary devices, especially in Indiana. 

Here’s what you pay if you don’t get an automatic pool cover in Indiana: 

            Fence-                                    $5,000 (required by Indiana law if you don’t

                                                                        have an auto cover)

            Solar blanket                            $100 (needed for heat retension)

            Winter safety cover                   $2,000 (needed to winterize pool if no auto cover)

            TOTAL                                    $7,100 

Here’s what you risk if you don’t get an automatic pool cover in Indiana: 

So under Indiana law we have a choice of safety devices around a pool:  we can either put a fence around the pool or we can put an automatic pool cover over our Indiana swimming pool.  The fence helps keep the neighborhood kids out.  But a fence does nothing for keeping your kids or grandkids out of the pool when your back is turned.  Only an auto cover gives you this control.  I really like that control…close the cover…take the key with me…it makes me feel safer. 

Here’s what you avoid with an automatic pool cover: 

  1. The Uglies-A Fence and a Solar Blanket—Most fences are not attractive.  Nothing like a cage to make you relax around the pool.  Likewise, you will be tempted to get a solar blanket to hold heat in if you don’t have an automatic cover.  Livable only in a small pool but not a large pool. 

  2. Big heating and chemical bills- It is well known that an automatic cover dramatically saves on chemical and heating costs— as much as $1,000 per year or more!  That $1,000 is much more than the annual maintenance costs on an automatic pool cover!

  3. Cleaning the pool again and again.  Without an automatic pool cover, debris gets into your pool every minute of the day.  With an automatic cover, nothing get gets into your pool 80% of the time.  This is a huge benefit especially if you have a tree or two around and you want to keep your pool open in the fall like I do. 

So that is why most of our customers elect to buy an automatic cover for their Indiana swimming pools. The costs are just too high not to get one! And we buy these covers in spite of the purchase and maintenance costs! 

So what are the purchase costs of an automatic pool cover in Indiana? 

I have a lot of knowledge in this area and I have spoken to an anonymous national expert so I am feeling pretty comfortable here.  An installed standard top track automatic cover in Indiana generally retails in the $6,000-8,500 range, depending on the area of the country and size of the pool.  It is common to upgrade the tracks to improve the appearance for $1-2,500.  There are also upgrade lids available from $500 to $2,500 that can be considered. 

Believe it or not, these are actually low prices compared to other areas of the country whereindiana inground pool with automatic pool cover there is less competition.  In Central Indiana, we have lots of competition: 3 national manufacturers with facilities right here and every builder sells this system or the other.  So these prices are actually among the lowest in the country by 20% or more. 

So what do you think Ted should do?  Is an automatic pool cover worth the price in Indiana? What's the alternative?

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