Current Spring Sales We currently have very reasonable prices on our Automatic Cover maintenance packages!  These include:

#1 Annual Spring Cover System Maintenance Regularly $310 / $240 if scheduled before May 31st  (includes; cover box cleaning, flushing the tracks, inspection of all components, replacing minor wearable parts, and cover alignment). This package is highly recommended to better ensure a worry free season.

#2 Custom Combo Maintenance & Cover Cleaning Regularly $455 / $385 if scheduled before May 31st (includes; cover box cleaning, flushing the tracks, inspection of all components, replacing minor wearable parts, and cover alignment, cover cleaning, and UV protection) This package is highly recommended to not only better ensure a worry free season, but to also prolong the life of the cover.

10% Off Spring Replacement Cover Sale We have set very reasonable prices of our replacement cover fabrics until May 31st. We know how to match the right cover to your pool. We have tons of options here and we are the best in town in providing you a detailed written email proposal!  We have the best warranties. 

Existing & Retro Automatic Pool Cover Systems- Do you own an existing swimming pool that does not have an automatic pool cover? Perma Cover Services offers sales and installation of fully automatic deck mounted and recessed retro automatic pool cover systems as well as manual hand crank and drill driven systems. Requires onsite sales consultation to evaluate your pool and deck for an accurate quote. 


So how do your participate? Call our cover division at 317-782-9936 or click here and tell us what you need.  Thanks for considering us!

Indiana In ground Pool Owners Love Auto Covers! We got so excited about our automatic cover solutions that we started a whole new division in our company, Pool Cover Services. We sell Pool Cover Specialists (PCS), and  Coverstar covers, both long established brands. We can customize these systems with our flush or under tracks to make them the most aesthetically pleasing and durable cover systems available. Perma Pool Cover Services is a fully authorized dealer for both sales and service of PCS Systems and Coverstar systems.

The benefits of automatic pool covers:

Automatic covers provide these key benefits to the in ground pool owner:

  • Safety and piece of mind.

  • Negates the need to incur these significant costs: fence around pool, winter cover and solar blanket/solar reel (potentially as much as $7,000)

  • More aesthetically pleasing especially since no fence is required in Indiana.

  • Dramatic savings on heat and chemical costs.

  • Less maintenance due to debris not being able to get into pool when cover is closed.

Other Advantages:

Automatic cover systems vary greatly in quality and price. Consider a few of our key advantages when evaluating our systems.

So what do these covers cost? Click here for lots of information on cost!

Here are some features on the covers we sell....

Warranty - 10 years on the mechanism; 5 years on the motor and submersion damage is included; 3 year full on the cover and an additional 4 years prorated.  The webbing of the vinyl cover is warranted for 7 years and the ropes have a 2 year limited warranty.  Perma Pools also provide a 60 day labor warranty on all of the above. This warranty is the best in the industry and is backed by national manufacturers. 

Cover - Dura-Life/Ultra Guard III vinyl does not shrink, crack or get pin holes like regular vinyl.

Upgrade Tracks (Option) - The edge of your cover is attached to tracks running alongside your pool. Under Guides are wedged between the bottom of your deck and the top of your pool and are not visible when standing on your deck.  Flush tracks are a type of top track but are virtually flush with your concrete; thus, they are significantly less noticeable then the standard top track.  Flush tracks are a good choice when building an irregularly shaped pool.

Cover Lids - We offer a variety of upgrade lids, including concrete and metal walk on lids and a "Flat" lid at a very attractive price.

Full ServicePerma Pool Cover Services installs and services everything it sells and performs authorized warranty service for all of the systems we have installed. Plus the knowledge to work on all manufactures & brands in the marketplace. 


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