Perma Pools has served Indianapolis and Central Indiana as a Pool Builder/Designer Since 1987 


Perma earned the 2018 Super Service Award from Angies List.  And we are ON TRACK to win it again for 2019.   The award reflects consistant high levels of customer service.  Check our reviews at


THE BIG NEWS FOR PERMA!!!  WE HAVE MOVED 1/2015!!  We are now located at 5245 Elmwood Avenue, Indianapolis.  It is a beautiful facility.  It's not just a sales office; rather, it is a full sales and operations facility!!  You will really get to know us when you come visit.  Generally, we will always have fiberglass pool shells on hand during the season.  Nice showroom and warehouse.


LIGHTS-- 2015  Perma Pools' inground pools now come standard with an LED light that can be easily upgraded to multi colored or multiple light systems.  All lights are Pentair Globrite, the most recognized and most reputable name in LED lighting.

VINYL LINER INGROUND POOLS- 2015-- We are pleased to announce that we have completed an exclusive arrangement to feature Pacific Pools this year in the Indianapolis Region.  Pacific Pools is a 50 year old brand now owned by Latham Pools.  This arrangement has been years in the making.  Latham Pools also owns Viking Pools and Coverstar, two of our largest vendors.  With the addition of Pacific Pools we feel we are in a better position to serve our customers.

ANNOUNCEMENT ON DISCONTINUATION OF REFERRAL FEES 2013-  In the past Perma Pools has paid a referral fee of $150 cash or a $250 service credit for a successful referral presuming we had prior notice of the referral before the contract and the customer confirmed the referral.  In hindsight, we believe this is a bad policy for 2 reasons:  first, the referral is less credible to the person receiving the referral because it is paid for; and second, someone claiming the fee may not understand the policy and feel we are unjustly withholding the fee.  

In the second case, we realize we might be annoying one our best supporters! So from this time forward, if you receive a referral or reference from a customer of Perma Pools you will know their motives are pure and they are a true supporter of our products! Thanks for your understanding. 


Imperial Pools  awarded Perma Pools its Indiana dealer of the year award for 2013 for outstanding vinyl liner inground pools and service of vinyl liner inground pools!!  More to come!  2013 was the 4th year in a row we won this award.  See Press Release under About Us.

Lifetime Warranty

The Ceramic Core Technology in our Viking Pools makes us arguably the strongest fiberglass swimming pool in the Fiberglass Industry with a transferable lifetime limited warranty AND A 20 YEAR SURFACE WARRANTY!!- Click to read more!

Chlorine Free USA - It's here and it's real!  2009

In 2009, Perma Pools became Central Indiana's exclusive dealer for Chlorine Free USA. These systems use copper ionization to kill bacteria in lieu of chlorine to sanitize your pool.  They then use liquid oxygen in lieu of chlorine shock to oxidize combined organic matter out of your pool.  These systems can significantly reduce water maintenance while increasing water quality - all at an affordable cost!  All with NO CHLORINE.   Chlorine free swimming pools!

Memberships - Did You Know?


* Perma Pools is a member of the Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis

*Perma Pools is a member of the Associated Pool and Spa Professionals

*Perma Pools is a member of United Aqua Group

(Does this sound like a lot??  How did we join so many things?  The BBB is after us like crazy to also join them for $

Perma Pools Is An Official United Aqua Group Builder

Perma Pools has officially been an United Aqua Group Inground Builder SINCE 2006.  "Aquatech" changed its name to United Aqua Group in 2013.   Membership in United Aqua Group is awarded only to those inground pool builders that 1) meet signifigant financial net worth and income requirements, 2) meet United Aqua Group's experience requirements and 3) agree to United Aqua Group's high standards of doing business.  United Aqua Group provides us with educational opportunities, buying power and a coraderie mwith pool professionals all over the country. For more information, go to  

Unlike our other memberships, the United Aqua Group is a BIG deal and it sets Perma Pools apart. Check out United Aqua Group!!

For more Information call us at (317) 782-9956 | Check back soon and often for our special announcements!

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