Warning - If you close your pool, cover it and ignore it until Spring, you might end up with a disaster on your hands.  Pay reasonable attention, and you should have no problems!!  

Here are some things that could happen if you don't pay attention:Automatic_Pool_Cover_Photo

Excess build up of snow, ice and water on top of your cover can result in severe damage.The weight can rip your cover or rip out your tracks or even rip out your tracks and displace some concrete.

Remedy-When you get the opportunities to pump water off your cover during the winter you must be ready to take advantage of them!! There may only be one or two chances to do this so you must be vigilant and have your pump at the ready (ie don't let your pump get frozen onto your cover!! Keep it in your garage when not in use during the winter!!)

Additional warning--If you have a hole in your cover and throw your pump on it, you will not only be pumping off your cover but you might be draining your pool!! Be careful here!!

Pumping off excess water in the winter without making sure your pool remains full of water can result in severe damage. Your pool is designed to remain full of water throughout the winter. Low water can result in hydrostatic damage to your pool including floating liners, bowed walls, or cracking. After you have had a lot of accumulation of water, snow and/or ice on top of your cover, the accumulation will have displaced a lot of water in your pool so that when you pump off the water on your cover, your pool water may be low resulting in possible danger.

Remedy-Turn your hose on and fill up your pool as you pump off your cover if you have a lot of build up on your cover! If turning on the hose is not a practical option, you can pump the water off your cover and then under your cover and into the pool.But in any event, do NOT remove water from the top of your cover without simultaneously adding about the same amount of water to the pool!!!!

Letting the water in your pool get low over the winter, may result in severe damage. You have to monitor the water level in your pool during the winter.  The water level shoud be approximately middle of the skimmer--just like during the summer.    We realize that some people's pools are not readily observable from their house so this might require a walk over to the pool! Your pool could be losing water due to a leak or other cause!  

Remedy-The sooner you discover low water the sooner you can react by adding water! Or by taking aother appropriate action! Go take a peak at your pool once in a while during the winter!!!

And Don't Believe These Myth!! "Your pool needs to be drained down below the inlets to be winterized." WRONG!! You don't have to drain it at all!! or here is another lie we have heard "You can't get the water out of your pipes without draining your pool" WRONG!!! WRONG!! Fire any service company that tells you one of these rumors.