Lifetime Structural Warranty; 20 Year Surface Warranty

The Lifetime Warranty.  Viking provides its customers a lifetime structural defect warranty related to its manufacturing of its pool shells.

The Surface Warranty.  In addition, in 1991, Viking introduced its Crystite® finishes to the North American market. At that time, no other US manufacturer was offering any other colors except White and Light Blue. In fact, up until 2006, almost no other manufacturer producing pools in the United States offered anything but White and Light Blue.

In the twenty or so years since the introduction of Crystite®, Viking Pools has manufactured, and its dealer base has installed, over 40,000 Crystite® swimming pools. The performance of the Crystite® finish has been outstanding relative to fading and durability.

Because of that exceptional performance of Viking's surfaces and the additional accelerated weather testing that has been performed to ASTM standards, Viking Pools offers a 20-Year surface warranty on all of its Crystite® and its new Diamond Series™ fiberglass composite swimming pools. 

Viking's Crystite® and Diamond Series™ finishes.   These are a complex formulation of layered gel coats, colored flakes, sparkles and colored resins. The specific formulations create an available color palette with actual three-dimensional depth which transfers more light and color back into the pool water than other colored finishes.As the largest manufacturer of fiberglass composite swimming pools in North America, Viking has produced more colored fiberglass composite pools than all other US manufacturers combined. You can enjoy peace of mind in your backyard knowing that your product is backed by the industry leading 20-year surface and Lifetime structural warranties.

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