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How To Get 15 Years Out of Your Vinyl Liner

This is the AGE OLD question that every one wants to know when it comes to purchasing a new vinyl liner inground swimming pool or a replacement liner. Unfortunately if you ask 10 different people this question, you may likely get 10 different answers since their response usually has to do with personal experiences or experiences of friends or family members.  Read More

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The 5 Problems With Vinyl Liner Pools Built in Indiana and the Solutions

After being strictly a builder of fiberglass pools in Indianapolis for over 18 years, we here at Perma Pools decided 7 years ago to start installing vinyl liner pools as an additional product line.  We had pointed out for years the deficits of these pools but I think we have come to understand that the problems with these pools do have signifigant solutions!   Read More

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Vinyl Liner Pools In Central Indiana- Top 6 Reasons to Buy

I started working at Perma Pools in 2005.  I was specifically tasked with developing a first class vinyl liner pool program that would put Perma Pools on the map in this important market segment.  Read More

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Indiana Swimming Pools- The Drainage Problem and Its Solution

I am often asked what is the worst problem an Indiana swimming pool could have.   Read More

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Vinyl Liner Pool Wrinkles and the Solutions In Indiana

When a customer considers buying a vinyl liner pool from an Indiana inground pool builder, there is often a discussion about the liner and its problems.  There is sometimes a perceived unpredictability about the liner as if liner wrinkles happen for no reason.  The truth is that we generally know why liners can wrinkle and we know how to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles.  With a little knowledge, and proper pool care, you should not have problems.   Read More

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