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Ultimate Low Maintenance In Ground Pool

I have a lot of customers that are looking for the simple life.  They want a pool but they want the least maintenance possible.  So here are my ideas for creating the ULTIMATE LOW MAINTENANCE POOL!  Read More

The 5 Problems With Vinyl Liner Pools Built in Indiana and the Solutions

After being strictly a builder of fiberglass pools in Indianapolis for over 18 years, we here at Perma Pools decided 7 years ago to start installing vinyl liner pools as an additional product line.  We had pointed out for years the deficits of these pools but I think we have come to understand that the problems with these pools do have signifigant solutions!   Read More

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What is the Cost of a Swimming Pool Deck In Indianapolis?; Options

Indianapolis swimming pool builders construct their pool decks out of a variety of materials that vary greatly in cost.  So what kind of pool patio is best for you?  Regular gray concrete?  Stamped concrete?  Concrete pavers?  Stone pavers?  Assuming a 1,000 SF pool patio, you could pay as little as $5,000 or as much as $34,000 depending on your selections.   Read More

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Fiberglass Pools In Indiana: Top 6 Reasons To Buy

My Indianapolis pool company was founded in 1987 solely to build fiberglass pools.   We built no other type of pool until we started building vinyl liner pools in 2005 (and that's another story).  I LOVE FIBERGLASS POOLS!    Read More

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What does Indiana Inground Pool Growth Look Like for 2013?

There is an 800 pound gorilla in the pool business called Pool Corp (symbol POOL) who is in the business of supplying inground pool builders with the vast majority of the things they buy.  They are the world’s largest such supplier.  So when Pool Corp speaks, all of Indiana’s inground pool builders listen.  Indiana Inground Pool Market.   I am hearing some good things about the strength of the in ground pool market both nationally and in Central Indiana.  I am also finding people are in the buying mode.   Read More

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Swimming Pool Financing in Indiana-2013

Indiana inground pool financing--“It ain’t like it used to be!”  So how do people pay for a pool? Cash is good.  But a loan can be helpful! Before the great recession, there were lots of financing programs that made it easy to buy a pool.  There were programs that allowed you to finance up to 125% of the value of your home; some programs would presume that the cost of your pool would add dollar for dollar to the fair market value of your house; another program would allow you to “state your income” without verification…..these features are nothing but a fairy tale today.   Read More

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Does Chlorine Pose a Risk of Respiratory Issues and What is the Solution?

This is a very good question and one that has sparked a lot of discussion in the last few years. Obviously, I am not a doctor but I can read just fine. There are a ton of articles on the subject and I have collected some of what I thought were the better ones here.  Read More

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When is The Best Time to Build an Indianapolis In Ground Pool?

I am asked this question a lot.  Some of the people who ask this question are  Read More

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Don't Make These 3 Deadly Pool Buying Mistakes


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Do you need a landscaper for your pool project and how should you hire one?


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